Is it Cloudy today?

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Bright Day


It’s a bright day today….

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The Shaping of The Universe

The JFDI and the 100 days bootcamp are over 1 month ago, but the spirits carry on, all of the alumni of JFDI is going on their own way or path, some still stays at BLK 71 and some are going back to their country, all just to ensure that the product they build could be useful for other people who needs the solution that they over.

The same goes to Kark. Right now we are in the process of developing our team, developing the product, all just to make sure that the product we make will be the best product for younger generation to use. We make this for our juvenile so that they have more benefit when they are playing our games, though we prefer to call it ‘Play” but game is ok since it’s the most common term that people know about our product.

As for now, we are preparing everything that we need to make this product happen. The shaping of the Universe of Kark, the shaping of the product itself, it takes all of our energy, our effort, our attention, our time to shape our product so it might become the best product and we could say that this is a very good journey for us, where we can learn a lot from it. We will post more about our progress in the future, and hope the best result will come along the way as well.

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JFDI Demo Day 2012

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JFDI Demoday preview

Today was JFDI preview demoday, and we got a very important visitor from Indonesia, Miss Marcella from Telkomsel. We really grateful that she came all the way here to Singapore.

This is the picture of the Kark founder, taken at the venue itself

while this one, all the founders of Kark having fun with decorating the wall

The Final Result

Karking where Learning is playing and playing is learning

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New Creativity

The Digital Natives, our next generation will gonna have all the abilities that will defines them as a generation of tech. They are fast, parallel thinker, have a thinking habit like a hyper link and also good with technology and connected to the others. But a question came out of it, if they are all having same behavior pattern like that, than what could distinguish them one from another?

If we are looking through human history, we could see that every person at every era, they have one likeness and that is “a different thinking pattern”. Like Henry Ford when he invented the car, who gonna thought that a horse drawn wagon would actually can be made without the horse, People at that era thought that it’s a silly idea but it’s actually works. Thomas Alva Edison who invented more than one thousand inventions or maybe like any other inventor in the past, all of them had a different way of thinking, and also persistency and passion in every invention that they do.

They are problem solver, by seeing the unseen in other people’s eyes. It’s not the matter other can’t see it or might be even thinking about it, I believe that Idea could come to anyone at any time, but the action to make it real is one of the things that other people lack of. A problem solver should always thinking about what he can do to contribute for the advancement of human race and make sure that the idea can be realize. We can train ourselves to have the problem solving thinking pattern, and make it a habit in our life and become our lifestyle.

And this also could be applied to the new generation as well, to prepare them to be a better person. Education is playing a big part in this matter, by this I mean that parents also need to do their role as an educator, school only could support education as far as it can but the biggest role is with the parents or I could say the family, who could help them to shape their habits, their personality and their character. Thus we encourage every parent to help their children to growth, and support them as the best as they can.

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Digital Natives’ Different Thinking Pattern

Who are the Digital Natives? Who are they? They are our next generations. For Educators they are the students, for parents they are their kids, for community they are their successor. The future generations that will replace the old generations, and with technology at their finger tip, which enable them to acquire any information whatever they like, whenever they like. We can’t say that they are same with us, at least their thinking pattern were different.


How they can be different from the rest of us, is it because of the experiences they have had with interactive technologies their entire lives? Or do they have evolve their way or thinking because of the technology? or are we really close to the world like in Star Trek movie, where people could multitask and complete many thing in a short time? We can’t really tell for now but one thing for sure is that in this Digital era, the future generations were surely adaptable with digital technology, like technology was really made for them. I’ve been spoken to one high school student, and he could tell me a lot of stuff from so many different OS, internet technology and how they use it at school, to high tech PC and high tech hardware.


Let’s take a look at Digital Natives fact:

  • used to receiving information really fast
  • visual learner
  • parallel thinking pattern not sequential
  • attention are short span
  • use technology to express themselves
  • information analysts
  • content producer
  • prefer random access (like hypertext)
  • prefer games to “serious” work


It’s more likely they are playing with the technologies, it’s their discovery to play with the digital technology. As the old generation, we really need to prepare our future generation the best way we can and provide them with the right information and tools, so that they won’t go astray. And also on education side, where it is very crucial for this future generation to grow, we need to provide a right education platform for them and let them to play and discover freely as much as they want.

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Digital Natives in Digital Era

Digital Technology brings a big change in the world that we live today, these changes will bring us toward a world where knowledge, power and productive capability will be more dispersed than at any time in our history, a world where value creation will be fast, fluid but persistently disruptive. Technology has change the way people get information, much more to the way people learn, internet allow learners to get the information when they need it, how they need it, and wherever they want it.

In this Digital Technology era, we often heard that our future generation is a Digital Native, and the older generation is a Digital Immigrant. wikipedia describe it “A Digital Native is a person who was born during or after the general introduction of digital technology, and through interacting with digital technology from an early age, has a greater understanding of its concepts. Alternatively, this term can describe people born in the latter 1960s or later, as the Digital Age began at that time; but in most cases the term focuses on people who grew up with the technology that became prevalent in the latter part of the 20th century, and continues to evolve today. “ and “A digital immigrant is an individual who was born before the existence of digital technology and adopted it to some extent later in life.”

Digital natives are fundamentally different. Due to the kinds of experiences they have had with interactive technologies their entire lives, they have developed preferences that are different than most of ours. They used to receiving information really fast, They prefer their graphics before their text (visual learners), they like to parallel process and multi task, their attention are short spans, they use technology to express themselves, They are information analysts, content producers, and real-time learners who prefer instant and text messages, they function best when networked, prefer random access (like hypertext), they prefer games to “serious” work. Technology is very important in their lives.

We believe that technology is a tool that can help and enhance learning, technology were used every day to educate outside of formal school for communication, collaboration, understanding and accessing knowledge. Thus it helped people to share their thought, share their knowledge for other to follow it and learn from it. In a way technology really help us, the Digital Natives and Digital immigrant to learn and gain from it.

Education needs to be nimble and adapt quickly to this vastly ever changing era that technology brought us by reaching out beyond the wall of limitation and use the innovation that’s been made to change the education paradigm. Educators can adapt the digital technology for teaching the new generations by creating a vibrant classroom ecosystem that enhance learning, more effectively than hierarchically organized schools. Some school already tried to change the way they teach the student, but we could see the result a couple years ahead.

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The Case for the 21st century Education

Through the ages, people keep develop the way teaching and learning. Every generation, since the beginning of human existence, human had passed down their knowledge, stock of values, traditions, methods and skills to the next generation. In Pre-literate societies, education was achieved orally and through observation, the learning process was going informally from the old generation to the young generation. Some form of traditional knowledge were expressed through stories, legends, folklore, rituals, and songs, without the need for a writing system, it is later on that people develop writing system to record the history.  Then people made formal education, to have a better system, experience and engagement of teaching and learning between teacher and student. As for now, the 21st century, education is not the same as we know 10-20 years ago. Especially now days, the digital technology is at everyone fingertips, people could easily acquire information anywhere, everywhere, whenever they like.

The changing in education also indicates a changing in competition between students and teachers. The competition that we know before was localize, one person to another compete to be the best in one city, they are competing their skills  to each other and try to become the best without acknowledge that there might be another person who has a better skills and better performance from him at another place. But now Digital technology bring the large world to become small, distance is not a big matter anymore, it used to be month to exchange mail between country, and internet made it simple by just send an email in one minute it reached the destination, it also open people eyes that people from across the globe are competing each other, the competition is now changing internationally, student around the world compete each other through innovation and creativity. This is inevitable, whether we like it or not.


The workplace, jobs, and skill demand will be changing as well. It’s an ever increasing demand that people could do their task fast and with greater result. In term of education, this could be a lot of changing for our future generation. They might need to have better skills than the old generation has. Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Problem-solving, Interactive, collaboration and critical thinking are basic skills that our future generation must have, skills that are not tied to any particular software or technology type, but rather aim to provide them with the thinking skills. Because of the constant change of our technology evolution, that access speeds, hardware, software and computer capabilities changed on monthly basis, therefore we need to ensure that the way student learn with technology agrees with the way they live with technology.


Education need to prepare it ways to enhance their student from very early stage with this kind of skills, and changing the education paradigm is not an easy way to do. People used to say if you do a hard work and do well in school, go to college then you would have a job. But the case right now is that whether you have a degree or not it’s not a guarantee anymore. So preparing our young generation as a precautious to this matter might be the best way to prevent it. Some people said that we need to raise the standard of education, and we couldn’t disagree more with this. but we also notice that children mind are full with play and beautiful things, they learn more comfortable with playing and when they discover something, children mind will remember it the rest of their life. This particular way will not change, it’s already hard wired in their brain.


Can we combine children beautiful mind with the technology that are changing constantly, even in monthly basis? I guess that’s our challenge as today generation to solve it.

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Day 50 Video in JFDI-Innov8 Bootcamp

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