Digital Natives’ Different Thinking Pattern

Who are the Digital Natives? Who are they? They are our next generations. For Educators they are the students, for parents they are their kids, for community they are their successor. The future generations that will replace the old generations, and with technology at their finger tip, which enable them to acquire any information whatever they like, whenever they like. We can’t say that they are same with us, at least their thinking pattern were different.


How they can be different from the rest of us, is it because of the experiences they have had with interactive technologies their entire lives? Or do they have evolve their way or thinking because of the technology? or are we really close to the world like in Star Trek movie, where people could multitask and complete many thing in a short time? We can’t really tell for now but one thing for sure is that in this Digital era, the future generations were surely adaptable with digital technology, like technology was really made for them. I’ve been spoken to one high school student, and he could tell me a lot of stuff from so many different OS, internet technology and how they use it at school, to high tech PC and high tech hardware.


Let’s take a look at Digital Natives fact:

  • used to receiving information really fast
  • visual learner
  • parallel thinking pattern not sequential
  • attention are short span
  • use technology to express themselves
  • information analysts
  • content producer
  • prefer random access (like hypertext)
  • prefer games to “serious” work


It’s more likely they are playing with the technologies, it’s their discovery to play with the digital technology. As the old generation, we really need to prepare our future generation the best way we can and provide them with the right information and tools, so that they won’t go astray. And also on education side, where it is very crucial for this future generation to grow, we need to provide a right education platform for them and let them to play and discover freely as much as they want.

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  1. Nice post! awaited the next post, to motivate indigenous people.

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