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The Digital Natives, our next generation will gonna have all the abilities that will defines them as a generation of tech. They are fast, parallel thinker, have a thinking habit like a hyper link and also good with technology and connected to the others. But a question came out of it, if they are all having same behavior pattern like that, than what could distinguish them one from another?

If we are looking through human history, we could see that every person at every era, they have one likeness and that is “a different thinking pattern”. Like Henry Ford when he invented the car, who gonna thought that a horse drawn wagon would actually can be made without the horse, People at that era thought that it’s a silly idea but it’s actually works. Thomas Alva Edison who invented more than one thousand inventions or maybe like any other inventor in the past, all of them had a different way of thinking, and also persistency and passion in every invention that they do.

They are problem solver, by seeing the unseen in other people’s eyes. It’s not the matter other can’t see it or might be even thinking about it, I believe that Idea could come to anyone at any time, but the action to make it real is one of the things that other people lack of. A problem solver should always thinking about what he can do to contribute for the advancement of human race and make sure that the idea can be realize. We can train ourselves to have the problem solving thinking pattern, and make it a habit in our life and become our lifestyle.

And this also could be applied to the new generation as well, to prepare them to be a better person. Education is playing a big part in this matter, by this I mean that parents also need to do their role as an educator, school only could support education as far as it can but the biggest role is with the parents or I could say the family, who could help them to shape their habits, their personality and their character. Thus we encourage every parent to help their children to growth, and support them as the best as they can.

17. April 2012 by administrator
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