The Shaping of The Universe

The JFDI and the 100 days bootcamp are over 1 month ago, but the spirits carry on, all of the alumni of JFDI is going on their own way or path, some still stays at BLK 71 and some are going back to their country, all just to ensure that the product they build could be useful for other people who needs the solution that they over.

The same goes to Kark. Right now we are in the process of developing our team, developing the product, all just to make sure that the product we make will be the best product for younger generation to use. We make this for our juvenile so that they have more benefit when they are playing our games, though we prefer to call it ‘Play” but game is ok since it’s the most common term that people know about our product.

As for now, we are preparing everything that we need to make this product happen. The shaping of the Universe of Kark, the shaping of the product itself, it takes all of our energy, our effort, our attention, our time to shape our product so it might become the best product and we could say that this is a very good journey for us, where we can learn a lot from it. We will post more about our progress in the future, and hope the best result will come along the way as well.

17. June 2012 by administrator
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