Mentoring Sessions

This past few days was very dense, JFDI has prepared us a tight schedule to meet some of the mentors, and they are wonderful mentors, with many experience in their fields, they’ve tasted fail and sucess and of course this would be a great experience for us, Kark to learn n grow.

Pitching is like our everyday menu at JFDI, till we could get easy and speak naturally in presenting our selves and our product in front of the public then we were not gonna stop to learn on how to pitching. and pitching must become part of our life, especially as an entrepreneur, to present ourselves well infront of anyone that we’ve met

some of the important lesson that we’ve learned is about KPI (Key Performance Indicator), we need to setup our milestones and see where we wanna be in the 100 days, and setup our pace from there. One of our big milestones is to test our product to the market (children) and of course on top of all, wee need the product to be ready.

the mentors suggest us to try the Indonesian Market first, because we are Indonesian, we should know the market best. And also we must try to go and try it out with children, and see about their reaction with our product, so as for this we need to make a mockup software to try it out to the children and see their reaction.


this is some of the mentor that we’ve met, some of them has video that been recorded by JFDI

Ravi Mantha

Rowan Simpson

Boris Nordenstrom :

Scott Rafer :

Melissa Clarks :

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