Wonderfull Place with a good sight

Our Journey on JFDI boot camp has reached day 15, and the Knowledge that they’ve transfered and the learning process that we’ve got from the mentors seems start to take root in our brain. Precious knowledge on how to benchmark your own strength, this is important because you need to know how to measure up yourselves and what we want to achieve at the end of 100 days, then we’ve learn about how to enter the market  and how to test the market, because its not easy to enter the market, people need to like your product first before they buy it, you need a very good plan on this one. we hope that the seed of knowledge could bloom into beautiful flower when the 100 days is over.

as for our product development side, we feel very enthusiast because the dev team are starting to develop it, and cant wait for the first beta to be released, so we could try it to the children and start our product testing to the customer, we will show it when the times come.

meanwhile yesterday, when we have a meeting with Boris Nordenstrom, one of our mentor, he took us to a really nice place, its called sky garden, and its located at the 21st floor of Fusionopolis, enjoy the look

Our JFDI Base


Arsa and Boris


09. February 2012 by administrator
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