The Case for the 21st century Education

Through the ages, people keep develop the way teaching and learning. Every generation, since the beginning of human existence, human had passed down their knowledge, stock of values, traditions, methods and skills to the next generation. In Pre-literate societies, education was achieved orally and through observation, the learning process was going informally from the old generation to the young generation. Some form of traditional knowledge were expressed through stories, legends, folklore, rituals, and songs, without the need for a writing system, it is later on that people develop writing system to record the history.  Then people made formal education, to have a better system, experience and engagement of teaching and learning between teacher and student. As for now, the 21st century, education is not the same as we know 10-20 years ago. Especially now days, the digital technology is at everyone fingertips, people could easily acquire information anywhere, everywhere, whenever they like.

The changing in education also indicates a changing in competition between students and teachers. The competition that we know before was localize, one person to another compete to be the best in one city, they are competing their skills  to each other and try to become the best without acknowledge that there might be another person who has a better skills and better performance from him at another place. But now Digital technology bring the large world to become small, distance is not a big matter anymore, it used to be month to exchange mail between country, and internet made it simple by just send an email in one minute it reached the destination, it also open people eyes that people from across the globe are competing each other, the competition is now changing internationally, student around the world compete each other through innovation and creativity. This is inevitable, whether we like it or not.


The workplace, jobs, and skill demand will be changing as well. It’s an ever increasing demand that people could do their task fast and with greater result. In term of education, this could be a lot of changing for our future generation. They might need to have better skills than the old generation has. Communication, Innovation, Creativity, Problem-solving, Interactive, collaboration and critical thinking are basic skills that our future generation must have, skills that are not tied to any particular software or technology type, but rather aim to provide them with the thinking skills. Because of the constant change of our technology evolution, that access speeds, hardware, software and computer capabilities changed on monthly basis, therefore we need to ensure that the way student learn with technology agrees with the way they live with technology.


Education need to prepare it ways to enhance their student from very early stage with this kind of skills, and changing the education paradigm is not an easy way to do. People used to say if you do a hard work and do well in school, go to college then you would have a job. But the case right now is that whether you have a degree or not it’s not a guarantee anymore. So preparing our young generation as a precautious to this matter might be the best way to prevent it. Some people said that we need to raise the standard of education, and we couldn’t disagree more with this. but we also notice that children mind are full with play and beautiful things, they learn more comfortable with playing and when they discover something, children mind will remember it the rest of their life. This particular way will not change, it’s already hard wired in their brain.


Can we combine children beautiful mind with the technology that are changing constantly, even in monthly basis? I guess that’s our challenge as today generation to solve it.

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