Day 50!! JFDI-Innov8 2012 Bootcamp


Glad we can make it, the development progress shown a lot of progress, in Singapore, Sindhu, Bullitt, Fithor working hard to prepare all the need for tomorrow pitch. Parallel in Indonesia, Daniel and Arsa also backing up all the development, hope we can make it, we believe it!

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Wonderfull Place with a good sight

Our Journey on JFDI boot camp has reached day 15, and the Knowledge that they’ve transfered and the learning process that we’ve got from the mentors seems start to take root in our brain. Precious knowledge on how to benchmark your own strength, this is important because you need to know how to measure up yourselves and what we want to achieve at the end of 100 days, then we’ve learn about how to enter the market  and how to test the market, because its not easy to enter the market, people need to like your product first before they buy it, you need a very good plan on this one. we hope that the seed of knowledge could bloom into beautiful flower when the 100 days is over.

as for our product development side, we feel very enthusiast because the dev team are starting to develop it, and cant wait for the first beta to be released, so we could try it to the children and start our product testing to the customer, we will show it when the times come.

meanwhile yesterday, when we have a meeting with Boris Nordenstrom, one of our mentor, he took us to a really nice place, its called sky garden, and its located at the 21st floor of Fusionopolis, enjoy the look

Our JFDI Base


Arsa and Boris


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Mentoring Sessions

This past few days was very dense, JFDI has prepared us a tight schedule to meet some of the mentors, and they are wonderful mentors, with many experience in their fields, they’ve tasted fail and sucess and of course this would be a great experience for us, Kark to learn n grow.

Pitching is like our everyday menu at JFDI, till we could get easy and speak naturally in presenting our selves and our product in front of the public then we were not gonna stop to learn on how to pitching. and pitching must become part of our life, especially as an entrepreneur, to present ourselves well infront of anyone that we’ve met

some of the important lesson that we’ve learned is about KPI (Key Performance Indicator), we need to setup our milestones and see where we wanna be in the 100 days, and setup our pace from there. One of our big milestones is to test our product to the market (children) and of course on top of all, wee need the product to be ready.

the mentors suggest us to try the Indonesian Market first, because we are Indonesian, we should know the market best. And also we must try to go and try it out with children, and see about their reaction with our product, so as for this we need to make a mockup software to try it out to the children and see their reaction.


this is some of the mentor that we’ve met, some of them has video that been recorded by JFDI

Ravi Mantha

Rowan Simpson

Boris Nordenstrom :

Scott Rafer :

Melissa Clarks :

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Day 2nd – Pitch Infront of some Angel Investors and Mentors

JFDI Asia Day 2. The agenda all day was pitching in front of some investors and mentors. Based on the first day pitch with all founders, we’ve decided to change our presentation slide and style. We worked the whole night to get the presentation done. And here we are, in front of everyone, presenting our product. They asked a couple of questions about our product, which we were happy about it, because it worked as feedbacks to us as well. For example, “always go for the BIG MARKET” and “THINK GLOBAL”. We thanked all the investors and mentors that attended our pitching session today.



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JFDI Asia 2012 Boot camp

Today KARK team arrived in Singapore to meet up with other participants from around the world. There are teams from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, India and others. In total, JFDI Asia have 15 teams to compete to be the best in this 100 days bootcamp.

Hugh Mason,CEO from the Joyful Frog Digital Incubation, gave milestones of the program and finally introduced “The Jungle”, the creative space that will be our home for the next 100 days.

The facilities provided are very satisfying. Enjoy our snapshots below.


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Telkomsel Startup Bootcamp – KARK Final Pitch

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We won! Prepare for new journey ahead!

The final day! There is no way to turn back, there is no more mistake should be make. Total three days we merge together as a team with one idea, we think this will great idea and we want to share it to other.

Preparation seems fine, everything seems on the right track. We already have confidence that we will survive in this weekend bootcamp. Every mentor we pitch give us positive feedback. Some of investor come and told us that they are very interesting with KARK. We already got some appointment schedule with phone company to see what collaboration we can met.

We confidence and that’s all we need. If you want to shine among the crowds, push hard yourself among others, don’t be just average, give them extreme! And gladly we can do it. We very proud when the judge announce the winner of Telkomsel Startup Bootcamp, Group 5 with KARK weather cards!

The final day! There was no way to turn back, there were no more mistakes should be made. For the last three days we have merged together as a team with one idea, and we thought our idea is great and we wanted to share it to others.

Preparation seemed fine, everything seemed on the right track. We had the confidence that we would survive this weekend bootcamp. Every mentors we pitched give us positive feedbacks and some investors came and told us that they were very interested in KARK. We even got some appointments schedule with a phone company  to see what collaboration that we can make.

We were quite confidence and that’s all we need. If you want to shine among the crowds, push yourself harder among others, don’t be just average, give them extreme! And gladly we could do it. We were very proud when the judges announced the winner of Telkomsel Startup Bootcamp was Group 5 with KARK weather cards!




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We just meet in Telkomsel Startup Bootcamp

tsel-bootcamp For the first time in Indonesia, Telkomsel facilitates a 3 days workshop where the most creative visionaries can build business pitch to win a chance to 100 days of Startup Bootcamp in Singapore.

Telkomsel Startup Bootcamp is an event where digital developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts come together to share ideas, form teams, build products, and pitch startup businesses. What makes it different from other startup events, is the chance to win and participate in the JFDI-Innov8 2012 Startup Bootcamp ( in Singapore with opportunity to pitch the project to investors from all around the world, including Sillicon Valley. Teams will meet hundreds of international investors there, and if the product is great enough, welcome themselves to international acknowledgement.

In that events, we meet right in the spot, pitch our personal idea to each other, get the chemistry and together we go with the strongest idea we had. That was a great journey, good experience for all of team member. We had a lot of help from the mentor at that event so we can sharpening the idea in the more strong business model. We still remember that until morning we still do rehearsal for the three-minutes pitch in the final day. How one of our members must do overtime to print name card, preparing video demo. :)

With integrity and passion, everybody can reach they dreams!

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