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Digital Natives in Digital Era

Digital Technology brings a big change in the world that we live today, these changes will bring us toward a world where knowledge, power and productive capability will be more dispersed than at any time in our history, a world … Continue reading

02. April 2012 by administrator
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The Case for the 21st century Education

Through the ages, people keep develop the way teaching and learning. Every generation, since the beginning of human existence, human had passed down their knowledge, stock of values, traditions, methods and skills to the next generation. In Pre-literate societies, education … Continue reading

01. April 2012 by administrator
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Day 50!! JFDI-Innov8 2012 Bootcamp

Glad we can make it, the development progress shown a lot of progress, in Singapore, Sindhu, Bullitt, Fithor working hard to prepare all the need for tomorrow pitch. Parallel in Indonesia, Daniel and Arsa also backing up all the development, … Continue reading

15. March 2012 by administrator
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